Dhanmondi Society Membership

The members of the Society shall be the signatories to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Dhanmondi Society and the persons who may hereafter be accepted as members in accordance with the provisions of these Articles.

A. Categories of Members

There shall be five categories of members as follows:

i) Life Member

ii) General Member

iii) Corporate Member

iv) Donor Member

v) Honorary Member

B. Qualification of Membership

1. Life Members:
The Life member of the Society shall be considered life member. Any person who will be interested in the activities of the Society and not hindered by law or the constitution of the Society may be enrolled as life Member on payments subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

2. General Members:
Members has to be resident of Dhanmondi, He/She must have the ownership of the properties in Dhanmondi.

3. Corporate Member:
For admission as a Corporate Member, all private and public limited Companies including financial institutions, local and foreign banks and multinational and foreign companies with a paid up capital of at least Tk 25 million who have their local offices within the territorial limits of Dhanmondi , are eligible. These entities shall have to make a one-time contribution of an amount as fixed under these Articles subject to the condition that such a nominee fulfills the qualification as applicable in his case.

4. Donor Members:
Donor member can be anybody, who wants to contribute for the betterment of Dhanmondi Society.

5. Honorary Members:
Enthusiastic individuals committed to fulfillment the objectives of the Society may be included by the Executive Committee to become honorary member without voting right, No admission fee will be required.

C. Membership Fees:

Membership fees for different categories shall be as follows:

i) Life Membership: One-time payment of Taka 50,000/-(Taka Fifty Thousand) only.

ii) General Membership: A fee of TK. 5,000/- (Five Thousand) only for a calendar year irrespective of date of admission. In addition, an amount of Tk. 3,000/-(Taka Three Thousand) only to be paid as renewal fee per year from the following year.

iii) Corporate Membership: One-time payment of taka 10,00,000/-(Taka Ten Lac)only.

iv) Donor Membership: One-time payment of taka 5,000,00/-(Taka Five Lac) and Above.

v) Honorary Membership: As Honored.

D. Admission Process:

i) Any qualified person desirous of becoming a member shall apply for membership to the President in the prescribed form and attach photocopy of all relevant documents as required.

ii) Decision of the Society shall be communicated to an applicant within a month from the date of the filing of an application.

iii) If an application is rejected, the applicant shall be informed of the reasons for such rejection.

iv) No further application from the same person whose application has been rejected will be entertained until such time the ground for rejection is rectified and documents can be produced to prove such rectification.