Dhanmondi Society Zone-2 Committee

Area of Zone-2: Road No. 6A to 11A

Zone-2 Advisor

Photo Member ID Name Road No
LM202208250069 Ayub Nabi Khan Road No. 10/A
LM202211240081 Abdul Kader Chowdhury Road No. 8/A
GM202306220271 Mohammad Showkat Hossain Road No. 6/A

Zone-2 Convenor

Photo Member ID Name and Mobile No Road No
LM202203230046 Md. Riaz Ahmed
Mobile No: 01819212955
Road No. 10/A

Zone-2 1st Co-Convenor

Photo Member ID Name and Mobile No Road No
LM202203170037 Md. Saifur Rahman Peter
Mobile No: 01715001985
Road No. 8/A

Zone-2 Co-Convenor

Photo Member ID Name Road No
GM202203190040 Md Zibran Ibn Atique Road No. 8/A
GM202203220047 Md. Faruk Ahmed Road No. 6/A
LM202211240082 Raquibul Islam Chowdhury Road No. 10/A
LM202212220087 Hassan Shahid Siddiqui Road No. 11/A
LM202302060111 Mizanur Rahman Road No. 11/A
LM202302060113 Touhidur Nur Road No. 8/A
GM202302140229 Golam Kabir Road No. 9/A
GM202306060267 Khurshid Alam Khan Road No. 7/A

Zone-2 Members

Photo Member ID Name Road No
LM202203130028 Md. Abu Tayob Road No. 8/A
GM202203150031 Md. Azizur Rahman Road No. 8/A
GM202204190070 Bir F F Md. Motlebur Rahman Road No. 8/A
GM202301280186 Abu Saleh Mohammod Ziaul Hoque Raihan Road No. 6/A
GM202302140233 Kamrul Ahasan Road No. 11/A
GM202303210263 Dr.Md.Rasel Ahmad Khan Road No. 11/A
GM202303210264 Dr.Md. Imam Hossin (Bulbul) Road No. 11/A
GM202306220275 KAM Salauddin Road No. 8/A